Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):  

  • Are you currently accepting orders?

    • I do have a waitlist for my Loveless Designed knives. For my own designs or customer designs, I will consider it on a case by case basis. Please contact me for details.

  • Why are your knives marked “Loveless Design?”

    • Knives marked in this manner are made using patterns provided directly from the Loveless shop. These knives are designed by R.W. (Bob) Loveless.

    • I learned to make Loveless Designed knives directly from Bob Loveless and Jim Merritt. These two gentlemen generously passed on decades of knowledge to expedite my progress as a knifemaker.

  • I’m asked this quite frequently: Are you authorized to use the Loveless “football style” logo shape?

    • Yes, I asked Bob Loveless back in 2008 if this was possible, to my surprise he replied with a simple, resounding “Sure!” My earlier Loveless Designed knives were marked “Marcus Lin, maker, Torrance, Calif.”

    • After Bob passed away in September 2010, Jim Merritt changed the shop logo (from “maker” to “knives”) -and he also suggested that I change my logo to “Loveless Design.” I have been using this logo for Bob’s designs since...