Marcus Lin

Originally from Los Angeles, California -I currently reside in Malaga, Spain.

My career as a knifemaker began in 2004. I never intended this to become what it has, but life has a way of deciding for you sometimes.

I began by forging carbon steels, before committing to the "stock removal method" of knife making for at least a decade after meeting R.W. (Bob) Loveless in 2007. Bob introduced me to Jim Merritt in 2009; and over the ensuing years, they have been crucially instrumental in the development of specific skills needed to do this job properly.

I will always appreciate the generosity and kindness that they graciously granted me at the Loveless shop throughout the years. I will forever be indebted to these two gentlemen.

Although the Loveless legacy ended with Jim, I hope that my work is a reflection of history and true altruistic friendships -which have become so rare these days.

As of 2016, I have added forging carbon steels back into my skill sets to bring you practical, using knives that are made to perform.

Thank you to Jim Cooper, Hiro Soga and Mitchell Cohen for taking the photos used on this site -and a Special “Thank you” to all my customers.